People communicate with each other and convey their thoughts and emotions, mood, and this of course everyone does with the help of words. When you know a foreign language it opens a lot of opportunities for communication. Especially in our today’s life it is vitally necessary to know foreign languages.

After all, knowledge of languages ​​is not only a trip abroad, but also great opportunities to learn the history, culture, science of a given country. “Language opens all doors”, says the proverb. Personality and language are interrelated concepts. “The surest way to recognize a person is his mental development, his moral character, his character — to listen to how he speaks. There is the language of people as an indicator of culture and the language of an individual as an indicator of personal qualities, which uses the language of the people. The language of a person is his world view and his behavior. As he says, so, therefore, he thinks”, Academician D.S.Lykhachev advised in his book [Lykhachev D.S., “Thinking”, M., 1991, p.287].

At our department, the students are very interested in learning German. Year after year our students began to achieve great success in the knowledge of a foreign language. An example is the fact that three students of our department Dzhalgasbayeva Victoria (in 2017), Atayeva Ogulnur and Sarsenbayeva Aydin (in 2018) completed monthly language-level courses in the cities of Germany.

In addition, on October 19, 2018, to determine the level of language knowledge of the German language, not only the students of the German Language and Literature Department participated in the ONSET test, but also the students of the English Language and Literature Department and received certificates.

To improve the qualification of teachers and students in practical language skills, especially with regard to the spoken language and proper use of grammar, an expert from Germany on the SES project (Senior Expert Service – Senior Experienced Service Project) Günther  Passmann was invited. Senior expert   Günther Passmann devoted his entire professional life to activities related to English and French, which are foreign to him. In addition, for many years he taught German as a foreign language at universities in Ireland, in the cities of Cork and Limerick. For the last two years he has been a German teacher on courses which he conducts as a volunteer for refugees with elementary level of knowledge, as well as for level C1.   French occupies a special place in his life, which Mr. Passmann, due to his marriage to a French woman, has almost at the level of a native speaker, not mentioning the fact that he has taught students of various age groups for more than a dozen years. Thus, the senior expert is best suited for this project. The project languages ​​are German, English and French.

On October 22 Mr. Passmann met with Rector of the University Akhmet Reyimov. And on the same day, Günther Passman began conducting his classes for students of the Department of the German Language and Literature.


Ametova Mukhabbat,

senior teacher of

the German Language and Literature Department