Meeting with Academician Shavkat Ayupov at our University

At our university there was held the meeting with Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Professor Shavkat Ayupov.

   Vice – Rector for Academic Affairs Mukhtar Ibragymov opened the meeting and noted about the great attention which is being paid to science in our country and efforts for supporting the scholars.


  Shavkat Ayupov began his talk with the students about the organization and importance of the International Mathematical Olympiad named after Mokhammed al-Khorazmi on October 28-30, 2018 in Urgench. He said that the initiative to establish this prestigious Olympiad was first suggested by our President at the First Science and Technology Summit of the Islamic Cooperation Organization in September 2017 in Kazakhstan, in the city of Astana. The main goal of this Olympiad is to promote the contribution of the great thinker, the founder of algebra science Mukhammad al-Khorazmi to the international science advancement, supporting talented students interested in mathematics, their further strengthening knowledge in science and, of course, the expansion of international cooperation. On behalf of the whole University he also congratulated Kamol Sadykov, the holder of a bronze medal.

   At the meeting with Academician the students received answers to all their questions about the latest news in physics and mathematics and the challenges facing science.


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