At our faculty there are many students who are clever and knowledgeable in scientific and spiritual work. Nazokat Ibragymova is considered to be one of them. She was born on 7 March in 1997 in Khodjeyli region. She went to school #31 in 2003. During her school time she was very interested in English and took part in Olympiads among pupils and won high places. She won first places in competitions devoted to holidays like Navruz and International Women’s Day which took place during her school time and she was awarded with diploma and many presents by Kamolot.

After graduating school in 2012 with best marks Nazokat Ibragymova was accepted to the first Lyceum near University named after Berdakh. During her studying at the lyceum she actively took part in English subject Olympiad. Also she actively participated in English, Russian and knitting lessons. In 2015 she graduated the Lyceum with excellent marks and was accepted on the grant bases as first – year student of the University named after Berdakh. With her scientific supervisor Ludmyla Borisovna Khvan, Professor of Russian and Literature Department she published 10 articles at the Republic conferences and 6 at the international conferences.

Also Nazokat Ibragymova is participating at many conferences and competitions in foreign countries. She was given certificate in the international competition in the Russian Federation in city of Tver.  She was awarded with a certificate at the International Altay Communities Symposium, which took place on July 24-26, 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey. On June 10, 2018 she took an active part in the contest of the Korean language “Quiz on Korea” in Tashkent.

She was awarded with the scholarship named after Navoyi in 2017 – 2018 academic year.

As a delegation member of the Republic of Karakalpakstan she visited the international fair “II Fruit and Vegetable Fair” which took place in Tashkent in August, 2017.

Nazokat Ibragymova differs from her group mates by her character, activeness and intelligence.

She has a lot dreams. In future she wants to be a teacher like her parents. We wish her all the best in her work and studies.

Ametova Mukhabbat ,

Senior teacher

of the German Language and Literature Department