Purposeful and active

Today, when our country actively supports representatives of the younger generation, it is trying to respond to the care shown by the achievements. For example, the students of Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh Zamyra Ayimbetova and Nurnazar Pyrnazarov are now making great progress in their studies and social life.

   The 1 – year master student on the specialty “Literary Theory” Z.Ayimbetova was born in the Nukus district. From her early age she was fond of reading books. Her love to literature led her to her first success.

   At the beginning of this year, at the scientific – practical conference held in the Syrdarya region, she became the winner in the nomination “The best scientific article devoted to the memory of Islam Karimov”. Zamira’s articles are often published in the republican editions, as well as in Russian and German magazines. Now she is engaged in her scientific work on the theme “Features of a thematic idea and the genre style of lyric – epic poems by Ibragym Yusupov. The image of heroes”.

  Another representative of the active youth of our University is the 4 – year student of the Department of Philosophy of Social – Economic Faculty Nurnazar Pyrnazarov. From his first year at the University he is engaged in science, writing articles on spiritual and educational topics. N.Pyrnazarov’s articles and theses were also published in print publications of the USA and the Ukraine. A diligent student not only succeeds in learning, but also takes an active part in the social work of the University. It is worth noting that he, along with the organization “Special Olympic Games”, holds promotions and events to provide practical assistance to sportsmen with disabilities.

  The talented student became the winner in the “Yurt Kelajagi” (“Future of the Country”) talented youth competition. Becoming the winner in the republican stage of the contest “Plans for rationalization proposals”, he successfully performed in the final round. And recently he has become the winner in the nomination “The youngest inventor” in the competition “The most active propagandist of liberal ideas” organized by UzLiDeP.

  It takes a long time to tell about Z.Ayimbetova’s and N.Pyrnazarov’s achievements. They are purposeful and active. But the main thing is that recently these students have become the holders of the Presidential scholarship. We hope that this will be the beginning of their great success in their future life.


                                                                       Source: erkinkarakalpak.uz