In memory of Honored Journalist

They say that a talented person leaves books, children and good memories. I think that the honored journalist of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Atazhan Khalmuratov left everything mentioned above.

His sharp feuilletons and materials on the topic of the day still serve as a model for many students, as well as young journalists.

At the beginning of this year in Nukus, Atazhan Khalmuratov’s 70th anniversary was solemnly celebrated by his contemporaries, colleagues, students and friends. And the other day at the National Museum named after Berdakh, the editors of the newspapers “Erkin Karakalpakstan” – “The News of Karakalpakstan” and the 4th year students of Journalism Department of the Faculty of Karakalpak Philology of Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh organized a memorial evening devoted to this talented journalist. It is symbolic that his anniversary is celebrated these days, because recently a celebration of the Karakalpak language and literature has been held in our republic. Atazhan Khalmuratov made a great contribution to the development of the newspaper.

The honored journalists of the Republic of Karakalpakstan Yesenbay Ermanov and Perdegul Khozhamuratova, the editors of the “Karakalpakstan Zhaslar” and “Zhetkinshek” newspapers Sagyndyk Zhaniyev and Abdulla Embergenov, close relatives and students had a speech at this event. They told about creative activities of the journalist, the years of working with him and his problematic materials, which found a great response in the society.

Atazhan Khalmuratov’s books, such as “Anamnyn Ak Suti” (“Mother’s Milk”), “Manziller Shakyrady” (“Destinations Call Me”), “Jer, Meninin Bir Perzentinmen” (“I am Your Son, Earth”), “Kyzyluzyaktin Tort Pasyly” (“Four seasons of Kyzyluzyak”), “Darsannyn Shuglaly Tanlari” (“Unique Dawns of Darsan”) and others have become a good educational material for young writers and journalists.

The years of work in the newspapers “Karakalpakstan Jaslar” and “Erkin Karakalpakstan” allowed him to develop his own style. The awarding of the title “Honored Journalist of the Republic of Karakalpakstan” was a confirmation and recognition of Atazhan Khalmuratov’s skill. Currently, his works, newspaper materials are studied by students in their dissertations and project papers.

At the event the speakers, teachers of the department, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Zyada Kozhykbayeva and holder of the of PhD degree Tamara Masharipova told the audience about the style and language of Atazhan Khalmuratov’s works, about his newspaper materials.

The 4th year students presented a portrait of Atazhan Khalmuratov to his family.

 At the end of the event, the honored journalist’s relatives thanked the organizers of the event.