A New Year party for the veterans

Progress in the cultural development of any nation to a greater extent lies in honoring and respecting the older generation. Whatever path a person chooses in his life, wisdom that is presented by people of old age as a life edification can become its indispensable success. Respect, honoring the older generation is the law of life. There are things which are possible only for old age, because in there is the wisdom of many generations.

The tradition of a relation to the elders with respect originated at our faculty a long time ago. And one of such examples is an event held and organized in honor of the New Year holiday on December 27 by the dean’s office, teaching staff and students of the faculty of foreign languages. All our veterans of the faculty, as well as the technical personnel of our corps, were invited to this holiday.

 At this event, the festive concert was organized by the students. After the concert, veterans were invited to the holiday table.

                                                                                         Mukhabbat Ametova,

                                                                                         Senior Teacher of the

                                                                                        German Language and

                                                                                                  Literature Department