In Karakalpak State University in the Faculty of Foreign Languages on January 11 a solemn event was held, dedicated to January 14 – the Day of Defenders of the Motherland

The Day of Defenders of the Motherland in our country is widely celebrated. This is the result of peace, tranquility and stability.

The event was opened by the dean of our faculty Javat Aminbayevich with his New Year’s greetings and sincerely congratulated the defenders of the Motherland, and then the guest the military doctor Masharipov Kakhramon gave a speech. In his speech, he highlighted the changes in the field of military service and benefits for servicemen.

“Over the past period, the Armed Forces of our country have been improved both organizationally and structurally. The mobility, combat capability of their units, physical and spiritual training of military personnel was increased. Military units and subunits are provided with modern weapons and military equipment ”notes the military doctor.

This event notes that our people always appreciate peace and tranquility, recognize themselves to be involved in the preservation of this priceless good.

The solemn event ended with sincere congratulations and gifts on behalf of the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

The National Guard of the Republic of Uzbekistan makes its worthy contribution to the preservation of peace and tranquility, economic development and the prevention of crime and delinquency.