My ideal student

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”

                                                                                  (Jackson Brown)

Today the youth is given a myriad of opportunities in all fields. Especially, in education. As a result, more and more young people are becoming intellectual and well-educated. One of these people is the student of Karakalpakh State university, Ibragimova Nazokat, who  has won a scholarship which is named after “Navoi”. Unlike other students, she kept working on herself continuously after entering university. She has been writing scientific articles on comparative linguistics and dialogue of literatures with her scientific adviser, professor and doctor of pedagogical sciences Xvan Ludmila Borisovna since the first year of education at university.

Ibragimova Nazokat was born on 7th of March in 1997 in Khojeyli region. She finished school №31 with excellent marks. While she was studying at school she actively participated in Olympiads from English language and took first places.

In 2006-2008 years, she studied at Music and Art school. During her studies at art school she participated in competitions from piano and took satisfactory places.

In 2012-2015 she studied at Academic Lyceum near KSU. In 2015 she entered KSU on the basis of grant. Today she is studying Bachelor`s degree at English language and literature department. As it is mentioned above, she began to write scientific articles after that. Her first article was about Bayron who is popular English writer. On 9th October, 2017 she won a scholarship named after Navoi.

In 2016 she was given a Certificate of participation in an international contest «Сказки пяти континенов», which was held in Tver, Russia. During 26-28th of august of 2017 she took part in an International conference: “Altay Communities Symposium” which took place in Istanbul, Turkey. In total, more than six of her articles were published abroad, and more than ten in Uzbekistan

As for her personality, she is extremely modest, hardworking and open-minded. Moreover, she is always ready to give a hand to others.

She advises other students: “You should keep working on yourself and write scientific articles with the help of your instructors. University teachers never refuse to help you and always ready to help students with their advice. Thus, you should choose a scientific adviser and begin to write articles as soon as possible. In addition, it is essential for your diploma work and future job”.

To sum up, we should do our best to succeed in our study. I admire students like Nazokat Ibragimova and endeavor to work on myself.

    Reyimbergenova Dildora

   Student of the group 105