Now you can find out the amount of contract payment by a mobile phone

Students of Karakalpak State University are now able to obtain data about the amount of the contract payment anywhere.

Head of the Information Security Department of the University Nawriz Nokisbayev has developed a new program.

“The feature of this program is that now each university student has the opportunity to find out about the amount of the contract payment without contacting the marketing department. This service can be used at any location, whether at home or in classes. With the help of ID codes, you can find out about the amount of contract payment or debt”, explains the founder of the program N.Nokisbayev.

ID code is a code that only the student is aware of, and with its help, he can know about the amount of contract payment.

It is worth noting that the creator of this program, N.Nokisbayev, has previously developed the KSU program – the timetables for each group in each department of each faculty.

About the program

This program has been designed for Android phones (APK format), which you need to download from the website and get a special individual ID code and thus be aware of the amount of payment of the contract.

Below there are given instructions on how to use this program in the screenshots.

                                                              Parakhat Azhimuratov,

                                                                                                                        3 – year student of

                                                           Journalism Department