The celebration of “Shirokaya Maslenitsa” at Karakalpak State University   

Today more than 130 nationalities live in peace in our country. All the conditions have been given for their development and preservation of their culture and traditions. Regardless of social background, religion and nationality everybody work together as one Motherland’s children for the country’s prosperity.

“Shirokaya Maslenitsa”, the national holiday of eastern Slavic nations is widely celebrated throughout the country during these days.

Celebratory festivities, organized by the Russian Language and Literature Department of Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh, were also full of exciting programs about exciting nature and human relationships.

The holiday was dedicated to the history of “Shirokaya Maslenitsa”, the essence and significance of traditions associated with its celebration.

 Russian national songs and dances performed by University students gave a special impetus to their performances.

                                                                                Press Service of the University