Progress in language acquisition can solely be made when it is effectively put into practice.  Thus, the fourth year students of English language and literature department have already commenced their practical work that contains accomplishment of ten-week teaching and observation process at the academic lyceum under Karakalpak State University. Prior to this occasion, the head of department D.Khadjieva, senior teacher G.Konisov and other teachers in charge introduced methodical and pedagogical supervisors for the forthcoming procedure at the conference established for acquainting the fourth year students with the practical work.  More than 70 students of the English language and literature department , namely, the groups 403, 404, 405, 406 and 407  were instructed to start their practice at the academic lyceum under Karakalpak State University. From the first day of February undergraduate students set to work actively observing English classes conducted by the teachers of the lyceum to adjust the teaching process.  After a few days of observation, they were highly enthusiastic to show their proof of knowledge in work as a real teacher and group manager surely in cooperation with the subject teachers.  We hope that the students’ practical work will absolutely be helpful and valuable in  their future career as a foreign language teacher.

Samandarova Sojida-4th year student of

 Foreign languages and literature