• The celebration of Zakhriddin Muhammad Babur’s 536th anniversary at Karakalpak State University

    The high – level events are held in the republic dedicated to the 536th anniversary of the birth of the great poet and statesman Zakhriddin Muhammad Babur, whose name takes a worthy place in the history of Uzbekistan along with […]

  • The international conference “Key success factors and challenges in national English reform”

    The international conference “Key success factors and challenges in national English reform”            On February 5-6, 2019, the British Council jointly with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for the Development of […]

  • DECIDE New Erasmus+ project has launched

    DECIDE (Developing services for Individuals with Disabilities) aims to foster the rights of individuals with special needs to access education and enjoy the right of participation in everyday society, to combat discrimination of the individuals with special needs by instilling […]

  • Now you can find out the amount of contract payment by a mobile phone

    Students of Karakalpak State University are now able to obtain data about the amount of the contract payment anywhere. Head of the Information Security Department of the University Nawriz Nokisbayev has developed a new program. “The feature of this program […]

  • Announcement!

    To attention of teachers and students of Karakalpak State University. To learn more about the EBSCO, Scopus, Science Direct, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global Databases, you can come to the “Consulting Center” opened at the Information Resource Center. Phones for […]

  • My ideal student

    “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”                                                                                   (Jackson Brown) Today the youth is given a myriad of opportunities in all fields. Especially, in education. As a result, more and more young people are becoming intellectual and […]

  • Announcement!

    On January 25, 2019, at the Conference – Hall of the University, at 15.00, there will be held a council on the specialty 10.00.03 – the Karakalpak Language, 10.00.12 – Karakalpak Literature DSc.27.06.2017.Fil.20.01 of the Academic Council on awarding of […]

  • In Karakalpak State University in the Faculty of Foreign Languages on January 11 a solemn event was held, dedicated to January 14 – the Day of Defenders of the Motherland

    The Day of Defenders of the Motherland in our country is widely celebrated. This is the result of peace, tranquility and stability. The event was opened by the dean of our faculty Javat Aminbayevich with his New Year’s greetings and […]

University stars

  • Sabirbayev Dastan

    Sabirbayev Dastan

    Holder of the Scholarship named after Islam Karimov

  • Allamuratova Hurlyman

    Allamuratova Hurlyman

    Holder of the Scholarship named after Alisher Navoyi

  • Ayimbetova Zamira

    Ayimbetova Zamira

    Holder of the President’s Scholarship

  • Sarsenbaev Dauletbay

    Sarsenbaev Dauletbay

    Holder of the Scholarship named after Abu Raykhan Beruniy

  • Matekeeva Azyza

    Matekeeva Azyza

    Holder of the Scholarship named after Mirzo Ulugbek

  • Pyrnazarov Nurnazar

    Pyrnazarov Nurnazar

    Holder of the President’s Scholarship



Өзиниң әсирлер даўамында қәлиплескен халық даналығын, бийбаҳа тарийхый-мәдений естеликлерин, тәкирарланбас көркем өнерин, илим ҳәм билимлендириў ошағы болған мешит-медреселерин көздиң қарашығындай сақлап киятырған халқымыз ушын усындай уллы ҳәм муқаддес дәргайлардың бири Қарақалпақ мәмлекетлик университети болып табылады. Университет бүгинги күни республикамыздың сиясий, экономикалық, руўхый, социаллық, мәдений турмысының ажыралмас бөлегине, миллетимиздиң айнасына айланды. Өзбекистан Республикасының ғәрезсизлигине 25 жыл толған быйылғы 2016-жылы Қарақалпақ мәмлекетлик университетиниң ашылғанына 40 жыл толыўы халқымыз ушын......

University numbers

  • 25

    Doktor ha'm professor oqituwshilar sani

  • 10

    Number of faculties

  • 10

    Number of international projects

  • 9960

    Number of students

State symbols

Address :

  • 230112, Nukus city, Academician Ch. Abdirov streeet 1
  • 998-61-223-60-47, 998-61-223-59-25