A Ceremonial Event Devoted to Women’s Day

It’s spring time. March is full of holidays. Women’s Day is considered to be one of the wonderful holidays of this month. Today a ceremonial meeting devoted to this day was held at the Spirituality and Enlightenment Hall of the University. The meeting was held by Rector of the University M. A. Jumanov.

Every year at the beginning of spring we widely celebrate the holiday of our mothers and sisters who are fundamentals of life philosophy. And this year we began to celebrate this holiday on the first days of the spring.


 In the festive event participated veterans-women who during many years took an active part in the scientific, educational and social activities of the university and now are in deserved retirement.

At the festive meeting devoted to this day Rector M. A. Jumanov made a solemn speech in which he said: «Today meeting you again on the threshold of this wonderful holiday, let me sincerely congratulate you on the International Women’s Day, the 8 of March!  

Considering spring as the season of holidays, first of all we should say that it begins with the holiday of our dear women, mothers and sisters.

Really, in the society where we live we have special attitude to women. In our country the proclamation of 2016 year by our honourable president as «Healthy Woman and Healthy Child Year» was widely supported by the society. As the head of our government noticed : «Beginning with the birth of life on Earth the humanity will always bend down before our dear mothers. In sacred writings the words “Paradise is under our Mothers’ feet” are obvious characteristics of highest kindness and respect».

Our mothers always think about their children’s happiness and prosperity, living with thoughts about them and wishing them health. The main task for us is upbringing of the healthy generation. Contributing to this is everybody’s holy responsibility.

Dear mothers, wonderful women!

Let me congratulate you on your holiday one more time and wish you strong health, happiness and prosperity to your families! Be healthy for your children’s, relatives’  and society happiness! Many happy returns of your holidays!».

Also the chairman of the Veterans Council B. A. Abdikamalov and the chairman of the primary organization of the Women Council I. Seytnazarova made speeches and congratulated the attendants on the holiday. Also there were other speakers with festive congratulations and poems devoted to women.

At the end of the ceremonial meeting all the participants were presented valuable gifts.