We Youth against AIDS

AIDS was informed overall at the seminar which had been held at the faculty of Karakalpak Philology. Attendances of the seminar were specialists of this branch Dr. Methodist R. Khojabekov and the assistant of Doctor G. Uzakbaeva.

The seminar was about AIDS of today which becoming the world problem and some possibilities were set to prevent this disease, and in this way a lot of works are being done in our country.


This seminar called “We Youth against AIDS” and we youth-students were informed about the disease by the specialists. We asked some questions which interested us; they replied comprehensively complete answers.

In addition, Rambergen Khojabekov, special expert of the AIDS center of the Republic of Karakalpakstan widely gave information about this disease. This seminar was very interesting and we students had had deep influence.

Barno Duysenbaeva
1 year student of Journalism Department