Magistracy Department:

Gulimov Amanliq Bazarbaevich


History of  magistracy department.

In the Republic of  Uzbekistan on August 29th, 1997 in a sphere of education were adopted «The Law of Education » and «the National program on a professional training» with  the purpose of raising the level of education to the world standard. On the basis of these documents, since 1999 in Republic Uzbekistan in  advanced higher educational institutions the second level of training – a magistracy was opened where majistrants are trained.

Different  specialities of a magistracy have been opened along with at relevant faculties of university.

In 2001 the magistracy faculty was organised.  Professor S. Kosbergenov (2001-2004) and professor SH. Abdinazimov (2004-2005) supervised over the faculty .

After that the magistracy faculty was  transformed to magistracy department.

The department was supervised by  the professor Tagaev M (2007-2009гг), professor Kutybaeva E (2010-2012). For this period in КSU named after Berdakh  the special department of  magistracy was organized

Since then the magistracy branch brings the considerable contribution to Republic supply with professional personnel.

In 2011-2012 academic year the development  prepared personnel in 16 directions, in 2012 – 2013 academic  year in 20 directions, in 2013 – 2014 academic year in 22 directions.

Nowadays 243 magistrates get education in the chosen directions and assiduously work over the magistracy dissertations confirmed by supervisors of studies.

Now the department  is supervised by the candidate of jurisprudence associate professor Amanlik Gulimov. Methodologists J.Abdreimov and S.Kojanov are engaged with organizational and academic work.

Majistrants , trained in department, have  reached considerable successes in  science and  study. Actively participate in a public life of university.

For example, in 2008-2009 academic year graduates of a magistracy participated in competition «the Best master’s thesis» in the city of Tashkent, works of five majistrants occupied 1 place.

Achievements of talented majistrants in study,  science, culture and sports are pride of our university.

Let’s list these majistrants:

  1. Aldabergenov Isatai Maratovich . The graduate on a speciality 5А240101 «State law and management». In 2012 year was   awarded the Presidential grant;
  2. Kenjebaeva Gulnur Maratovna.  The graduate on a speciality 5А120102 linguistics (the English language). In 2010 was awarded grant named after Navoi;
  3. Shamishova Aisholpan Tajetdinova. The graduate on a speciality 5А140501 Chemistry. In 2011year was  awarded grants  named after Ulugbek;
  4. Jumamuratova Muhabbat Azatovna . The graduate on a speciality 5A120102-linguistics ( the English language). In 2011year was  awarded grant  named after Navoi;
  5. Alewova Raushanay Userbaevna . The graduate on a speciality 5А240101 «State law and management» In 2011year was awarded grant  named after Navoi;
  6. Маmbetnazarov Genjemurat Djumabaevich . The graduate on a speciality 5А240101 «State law and management». In 2012 year was awarded  grants  named after Navoi;
  7. Arziev Ruslan Arislanbaevich . The graduate on a speciality 5А320101 – Journalism. In 2008  was the winner in republican competition «Aqshakol ilhamlari», «Zamin».
  8. Ahimbetova Gulbahar Qanatbaevich. The graduate on a speciality 5А320101 – Journalism. In 2005 was  the winner of the award “Zulfia”;
  9. Mahamatdinova Lola . The graduate on a speciality 5А141001 Musical  education. In 2007 was  the winner of competition «Кеlajak ovozi», in 2008  was the winner of competition «Ihtidorli talabalar», in 2010 was the winner of the award «Nihol».
  10. Qutlimuratov Anvar Koshkinbaevich .  The graduate on a speciality 5А340102 – Branch economy. In 2009 year  grants  named after Berdakh was awarded;
  11. Yakubov Rozymbaj Maqsetbaevich. The graduate on a speciality 5A141901 – physical training and physical training. In 2009 grants named after Navoi was  awarded;
  12. Mambetkarimova Sarbinaz Dauletbaeva . The graduate on a speciality 5А240101 «State law and management». In 2008 year was awarded grants named after Berdakh, in 2008was the winner of competition «Ihtidorli talabalar»