Natural sciences faculty:

Ametov Yakub Idrisovich



History of faculty of Natural sciences

In 1943 as a part of institute of Teachers the branch of natural sciences and geography has been formed, and reorganized as faculty 1948. In1976 in connection with opening of Nukus state university  reorganized in chemical and biological faculty. In 1989 it is united in biology and chemistry faculty. In 1997-1998 in faculty biogeography. In 1997-2011 in natural sciences faculty. And since 2011 under the name natural sciences and geography faculty.

  1. Buleshov was the first dean of faculty. With1960-1965 professor S. Erejepov, 1967-1968 y. A.Tleubergenov, 1968-1986 docent K.Aytbaev, 1986-1987 of prof. K.Utenijazov, 1988-1994 of prof. B.Allamuratov, 1994-2001 P.Khalmuratov, 2001-2005 docent G.Khodjaeva, 2005-2006 docent R.Tlegenov, 2006-2007 docent M.Ayimbetov, 2007-2008 docent A.K.Uteniyazov, 2008-2011 docent B.S.Gaipov, 2011-2013 docent M.Jumanov, 2013-2018 docent A.T.Esimbetov supervised over faculty.


Faculty chairs:

  1. Biology chair
  2. Geography chair
  3. Chair Ecology and soil sciences
  4. Chair Agroecology and transference officinal plants


Education system:

Bachelor degree directions:

5111000 – Professional training (agrochemistry and agro soil science)

5111000 – Professional training (Ecology and protection of the environment)

5140100 – Biology

5140600 – Geography

5630100 – Ecology and preservation of the environment

5141000 – Soil science

5311500 – the Geodesy, cartography and a cadaster

5140700 – Hydrometeorology

5411100 Technology of cultivation and conversion officinal of plants

Magistracy specialties:

5А140101 – Biology (by specialty kinds)

5А140103 – Ichthyology and hydrobiology

5А140602 – Geography (on studied object)

5А630102 – Ecology (in a direction)