The rule of graduate qualification works

Magistracy specialities

  1. 5A112001 – Physical training
  2. 5A120101-Literary criticism (the Karakalpak literature)
  3. 5A120102-Linguistics (the Karakalpak language)
  4. 5A120102-Linguistics (English language)
  5. 5A120102-Linguistics (Russian)
  6. 5A120301-The history of Uzbekistan
  7. 5A120401-Archeology
  8. 5A130101-Mathematics (on specialities)
  9. 5A130202-Applied mathematics and information technologies
  10. 5A140101 – Biology (in directions)
  11. 5A140103-Ichthyology and hydrobiology
  12. 5A140204 – Physics of condensational environments and materials technology (in directions)
  13. 5A140501-Chemistry (on specialities)
  14. 5A140502-Geography (on studied object)
  15. 5A220101-Journalism (in directions)
  16. 5A230102-Economy (in directions)
  17. 5A230901-Accounting (on branches)
  18. 5A240101 – State law and management (in directions)
  19. 5A311901 – Manufacture and use of oil fields and gas
  20. 5A320901 – Technology of processing of textile raw materials (by raw materials kinds)
  21. 5A321302 – Chemical technology and oil refining and oil-gas
  22. 22. 5A630102-Ecology (on branches)

The rule of writing Magister’s dissertation work

Moral and ethical behavior in higher education