On the basis of the confirmed order №487 from December, 3rd 2011 the Ministry of Higher and Secondary  Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan about Academic council in higher educational institutions under the guidance of the rector of  Karakalpak state university Academic council of university was organized.

According to order of the rector 26D/2 from 27th of August 2013 now the university Academic council of the university consists of 39 members who are selected at the beginning of each academic year.

Tasks and objectives Academic council.

The objective of  Academic council is to provide fulfillment of tasks defined by the Law «On Education», «National program for personnel training»,by State educational standard of the Republic of Uzbekistan at higher educational institutions.

 Academic council of the university:

  • Conducts a strict control of stated purposes and tasks,  based on « National program for personnel training», educational standards, curricula and programs.
  • Accepts  reports and relevant decrees on academic,scientific- research and spiritual-enlightenment works of faculties,  academic lycéums, scientific-social activities at higher educational institutions,  results of  admission commission, and also marketing department on graduates of  national economy and making  necessary agreements with them.
  • Accepts  resolutions decision on fulfillment of scientific- research, spiritual-enlightenment works and retraining of teaching staff  of the university.
  • Accepts resolutions, analyzes and confirms annual and future plans of material-technical support and  financial-accounting activity .
  • Determines opening and abolishing of faculties and departments, confirms  offers of marketing department  in opening of  new majors of baccalaureate and  magistracy.
  • Holds competitions of teaching staff,  based on the Law on election of teachers for employment to  higher educational institution.
  • Considers nominees of teachers  due to hereunder on scientific degree, on  posts of the professor,associate-professor ,  scientific competitor.
  • Analyzes and determines activity of graduates and teaching staff, in maintenance of knowledge of the English language, and also computer technology and the Internet.
  • Analyzes preparation and maintenance with  new literature for  publication of methodical manuals  and also innovative educational technologies.
  • Confirms themes of  dissertations, individual plans of  senior scientific employees and competitors.
  • Offers candidates from  students and teaching staff with support of  “Istedod” fund training courses to foreign higher educational institutions .
  • Offers candidates from  talented students and masters  on state stipend of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and also on other state grants.
  • Offers a number of actions for improvement of physical training and health of students together with the fund «For healthy generation».
  • Accepts resolutions on making relations   on joint work with foreign higher educational institutions.
  • Accepts reports of directors of small  organisations, firms and  courses which are carrying out service in a sphere of education, about their activity and accepts relevant statements.
  • Makes emphasis on improving of technical safety and labour protection of students and employees of  higher educational institution.

 Organisation of work of the Academic council of the university

The university Academic council carries out the work according to the plan developed for academic year. Academic council resolutions connected with educational, scientific-methodical, research, spiritual-enlightenment and organizational tasks are determined by open ballot and the majority of the gained voices. Elections which are held on  post of teaching staff and awarding academic degree of  professor or assistant-professor are realized by secret ballot with the participation of 2/3 shares of members of the Academic council.

The Academic council session is made out in  legal form, signed by the chairman of the academic council and  scientific secretary,  published in a book and distributed to all vice-rectors, deans and heads of relevant departments. Timely execution of resolutions accepted by the Academic council is controlled by  monitoring department.